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what is seo and how it works

What is SEO and How it Works?

SEO or search engine optimization is a concept of enhancing your website to attract unpaid or organic traffic from search engine page results. To achieve this, you have to change the content and design of your website to make it more visually appealing to the search engines in a bid to have your website rank…
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what is sem in digital marketing

What is SEM in Digital Marketing?

SEM (search engine marketing) is a concept which involves increasing the visibility of websites in search engine results to promote websites and enhance their performance through paid advertising. Often, SEM incorporates SEO which comes in handy to rewrite or modify the content of websites and their design to increase their ranking in search engine results…
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what is an seo service

What is an SEO service?

An SEO service is a strategy which involves the use of search engine optimization to get high rankings in search engines and grow the number of visitors on your website. Often, businesses will use the services of an experienced and qualified SEO service provider, or consultant, for better organic results on Google. SEO services comprise…
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is seo a part of digital marketing

Is SEO Part of Digital Marketing?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is commonly referred to as the process of augmenting a web page so that it is easy to find, crawl and to categorize. It is about providing a direction for your customers to find your website from amongst a thousand other companies. For one to be able to hack this, one…
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is seo paid

Is SEO paid?

Search engine optimization is defined as the process of tweaking the quality and quantity of website traffic by expanding the visibility of a website through organic search engine results. Organic search results are generated from the most relevant keywords when searching. SEO is very impactful in the generation of organic search results. SEO is different…
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is seo free

Is SEO free?

Search Engine Optimization is fast becoming a critical component for business success. Every entrepreneur strives to see their businesses rank high on search engines. Still, many seem to be confused about the entire concept. Many business owners want to find out: how much does SEO cost? Depending on where you source your SEO services from,…
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how do i optimize google search

How Do I Optimize Google Search?

Every online business must learn to optimize Google search engines. Where your website is ranked on the search engine is crucial to the success of your business. The idea is to attract as much traffic to your site as possible. You can optimize Google search using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps to get your…
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how can i do seo 2020

How Can I Do SEO in 2020?

SEO works best if you stay on top of new tactics. The old ones may frustrate you as some no longer work. In 2020, SEO is not just about creating content and building links. Including a keyword or two may have worked nicely in the past but you need to do more to be visible…
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how can i do seo for free

How Can I Do SEO for Free?

The purpose of any business is to make money. The bigger the profits margin, the happier you will be. Business owners are therefore always on the lookout for ways to spend less and bring in more. Running an online business requires to utilize Search Engine Optimization. The good news is you can use SEO for…
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google featured snippet changes.

Featured Snippet Update 2020

The officials at Google announced that the company has rolled out an algorithm update that aims to restrict URLs shown in the featured snippet from appearing again within the first 10 organic search results. According to Google’s public search liaison, Danny Sullivan, this new update will make sure that the pages for Search Results are…
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